Experience the joy of storytelling
Wit, Wisdom and Wonder! 

September 12-13, 2014
Lititz, Pennsylvania

New location in the same great town!
NEW VENUE:  The 3rd Annual Lititz Storytelling Festival has a new venue in 2014!   The new auditorium at the Warwick Middle School offers an intimate theater experience with state-of-the art sound and light. We think you'll love it!
Festival Overview

The Festival offers a variety of storytelling styles and story genre.  You'll hear Appalachian story delivered by Donald Davis, and small-town tales brought by humorist, Philip Gulley.  Experience the exuberance of Bill Harley, whose hilarious stories paint a vibrant picture of growing up! Listen to powerful stories and folktales in the African oral tradition presented in song and story by TAHIRA.  See if you can figure-out when Kim Weitkamp's stories have crossed from possibly a "real story" into a very imaginative "tall tale."  Delight in the fractured fairy tales told by Marie Winger, and in the "Lost Dollar" Americana stories of Charles Kiernan.  

Friday 7 -10 pm 
The Festival begins with the return of the popular Americana humorist, Phillip Gulley, and Lancaster storyteller, Marie Winger. New to the Festival stage, but well-known nationally, are storytellers Donald Davis, Bill Harley, and TAHIRA. Larry Hayes, who showcased his talent at the 2013 Lititz Storytelling Festival, will perform the Legend of the Sassafras. $15

Saturday 10 am  
Workshops to build storytelling skills will be taught by Bill Harley, Kim Weitkamp, Donald Davis, and Lititz storyteller, David Worth.  $10

Saturday 12:30 pm  
StorySwap hosted by Charles Kiernan for all who want to showcase their storytelling talent in front of an audience.  FREE.

Saturday 2 -5 pm  
Matinee with Donald Davis, Philip Gulley, Bill Harley, Charles Kiernan, TAHIRA, Kim Weitkamp $15

Saturday 7-10 pm  
Evening concert with Donald Davis, Philip Gulley, Bill Harley, TAHIRA, Kim Weitkamp $15
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