Experience the joy of storytelling
Wit, Wisdom and Wonder! 

September 12-13, 2014
Lititz, Pennsylvania

New location in the same great town!
New Venue
The 3rd Annual Lititz Storytelling Festival will be held at the Warwick Middle School Auditorium, in Lititz, PA.  This new theater offers comfortable seats, a state-of-the-art sound system, and accessible parking. All seats are general admission. 
Festival Overview

The Festival offers a variety of storytelling styles and story genre.  You'll hear Appalachian story delivered by Donald Davis, and small-town tales brought by humorist, Philip Gulley.  Experience the exuberance of Bill Harley, whose hilarious stories paint a vibrant picture of growing up! Listen to powerful stories and folktales in the African oral tradition presented in song and story by TAHIRA.  See if you can figure-out when Kim Weitkamp's stories have crossed from possibly a "real story" into a very imaginative "tall tale."  Delight in the fractured fairy tales told by Marie Winger, and in the "Lost Dollar" Americana stories of Charles Kiernan.  

Friday 7 -10 pm 
The Festival begins with the return of the popular Americana humorist, Philip Gulley, Lancaster storyteller Marie Winger, and Kim Weitkamp. New to the Festival stage, but well-known nationally, are storytellers Donald Davis, Bill Harley, and TAHIRA. Larry Hayes, who showcased his talent at the 2013 Lititz Storytelling Festival, will perform the Legend of the Sassafras. $15

Saturday 10 am  
Workshops to build storytelling skills will be taught by Bill Harley, Kim Weitkamp, Donald Davis, and Terri Mastrobuono. $10

Saturday 12:30 pm  
StorySwap hosted by Charles Kiernan for all who want to showcase their storytelling talent in front of an audience.  FREE.

Saturday 2 -5 pm  
Matinee with Donald Davis, Philip Gulley, Bill Harley, Charles Kiernan, TAHIRA, Kim Weitkamp $15

Saturday 7-10 pm  
Evening concert with Donald Davis, Philip Gulley, Bill Harley, TAHIRA, Kim Weitkamp $15
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